A local art, music, and culture festival that occurs the first Friday of every month has continued to draw locals and tourist alike for three years now. The on-going festival recently began hosting Hempway – a full circle hemp lifestyle portion of First Friday. Their goal is to reintroduce some of the wonders of hemp, and the many different products that can be created from this wonderful plant with brands such as CBD.io, Select, and Buylegalmeds helping educate people interested in CBD related products.

There are also companies such as DB Labs are in attendance to help explain the testing process as it relates to Cannabis, and help people understand what a well-regulated cannabis market is like. There are also events such as hemp fashion shows, musical guests, and even speakers who talk about how hemp has influenced their life.

As a cannabis company, Matrix NV have been stationed in the 21+ and older section of Hempway for about eight months. Educating any 21 and older about our company and cannabis in general. Hempway has enabled us to interact with the community in new engaging ways. It allows us to introduce the Matrix NV brand and educate consumers about our Co2 and BHO extraction processes as well as our wide offering of premium cannabis products. As the weather warms up, we look forward to seeing more people making their way out and learn about the magic of hemp and cannabis.