Pure Cannabis Oil:  With Matrix Pure extracts you get the finest solvent free, CO2 extracted cannabis oil. Every batch contains the full compliment of terpenes & cannabinoids for a concentrate you will love. Lab tested to guarantee superior quality.



Pure Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridges

We consider the MATRIX Pen to be more of a “dab” pen due to the potency, so, please keep that in mind while medicating. MATRIX Pens are not your average pen. We do not cut our oil and we do not winterize or use any solvents. What you have inside of your cartridge is pure CO2 oil, which, while thicker than most, we feel is a much better product than the majority of oil pens on the market. We also reintroduce the terpenes to the oil, therefore giving them a much better terpene profile, taste, and overall affect.


Pure Cannabis CO2 Oil

CO2 oil infused with terpenes. Our in-house extraction is all performed with a state-of-the-art, proprietary CO2 extraction machine. The Matrix team’s years of experience with extraction helped us develop our machine and technique which combine to allow us to extract terpenes from our cannabis extract.