Durban Poison Enters the Matrix Strain Library

The pride of South Africa has finally arrived in the Matrix Garden! Known for her lemon zest of fruity terpenes, Evan was on the hunt for the right phenotype of Durban Poison for quite some time till he found the one.

We’re excited to add this highly regarded and fruitful Sativa to our garden. Evan had this to say about our newest garden spectacle:

Another new strain for us, and this one is special to me in a big way. I’ve been searching for a truly great cut of this particular strain for a looooooooong time… Key words being “I’ve been searching”. Very happy to say that the search is over!!! Meet the latest new strain in our genetic library… DURBAN POISON!!!! I can’t wait till you all get a taste of this one!!! It’s everything I was hoping for.

BTW, there were some other very special strains I’ve been searching for… Key word being “were”

For fans of uplifting highs and daytime Sativas, your lungs will happily welcome Durban Poison.