Cannabis Clubs & Lounges are (Likely) Coming to Nevada

Nevada appears poised to become America’s answer to Amsterdam.

The state’s Legislative Counsel Bureau stated on Monday that no state law prevents local cities from allowing permitted, on-site cannabis consumption. That means cannabis lounges and clubs’ legality is now in the control of cities–like Las Vegas (via Clark County).

And should that occur, tourists and locals alike would be able to trade their hotel rooms and the city strip for sensical, permitted consumption areas a lot like you see in Amsterdam:

Nevadans and visitors could soon be able to light up a joint in pot-friendly lounges, cafes, yoga studios and possibly even at special events like the Electric Daisy Carnival.

The issue has the full-fledged support of Senator Tick Segerbloom, a pro-cannabis proponent who was also the first Nevadan to purchase legal cannabis. Senator Segerblom believes the lounges could arrive by early 2018.

“I really believe that Nevada can be the marijuana capital of the world,” said Nevada’s godfather of pot, state Sen. Tick Segerblom, D-Las Vegas. “And this will be one more thing in our toolbox.”

President of the Nevada Dispensary Association and The Source dispensary CEO Andrew Jolley affirmed this belief and the statement’s potential impact on Nevada culture:

“We’ll be surprised at how many locals find value in these lounges,” he said. “Think about how many bars we have or wine tasting facilities and events. It’s crazy to think that marijuana is somehow different than that. It’s really not.”

The people of Nevada and visitors to the state deserve places to legally and freely consume cannabis, and we’d love to see this culture emerge.

Should Clark County and Las Vegas allow these types of businesses to exist, Las Vegas will fast become America’s capital of cannabis.

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