Recreational Cannabis is Coming to Henderson, Nevada!

^And the news has us feeling like…^

At long last: the fine folks of Henderson, Nevada 21-and-up will soon be able to purchase adult-use marijuana! By the end of 2017, Las Vegas’ neighbor will be the latest Nevada city to embrace 21+ retail marijuana sales.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Henderson City Council voted 3-to-2 to approve legal recreational cannabis sales. The “process” should take an estimated month which means sales could start as soon as October and no later than December.

The Nevada Department of Taxation will work with dispensaries to figure out if and how medical marijuana supplies can be transferred to this novel recreational market (as was the case in Las Vegas). Andrew Jolley, the Nevada Dispensary Association President and The Source dispensary, believes that

“It’s only fair you allow for retail sales in that jurisdiction,” Jolley said. “There are enormous societal and economic benefits in terms of creating jobs and tax revenue and taking away from illegal black market sales.”

And we couldn’t agree more! Nevada has had legal cannabis sales in place since July 1, and allowing Henderson to join the fray is a sensible, informed decision that will enhance our culture.

As Armen Yemenidjian of Essence  Cannabis Dispensary tells the Las Vegas Sun, operating in a medical-only model makes life difficult for dispensaries to stay in business.

“It’s the difference between a business that loses money and a business that is able to have a profit margin,” he said.

Fortunately, this news will allow our industry continue to thrive and expand its offerings to Nevada’s locals and tourists. And we can’t wait to introduce Henderson to the Matrix lifestyle.

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