Acres Cannabis’ Landmark Airplane Magazine Advertisement

With legal cannabis still a nascent industry in Nevada, advertising marijuana-related products comes with stringent guidelines and inherent challenges.

However, cannabis breeds creativity and our industry does have ways to spread the hype. Our friends at Acres Cannabis recent advertisement in an airplane magazine was a stroke of marketing genius .

Acres, a Matrix partner, took out a full-page ad in an issue of Allegiant Air’s in-flight magazine, Sunkeeker. The ad itself is as innocuous as they come–but the placement is major as Acres instantly became the first cannabis brand ever featured in an airplane advertisement.

The magnitude of this placement was not lost on Acres’ CEO John Mueller.

“It’s the first time a major airline has taken any advertising from anyone in this market,” said John Mueller, the CEO of Acres Cannabis. “It’s a real big deal for the industry as a whole and hopefully this breaks down some barriers and we’re all heading toward public acceptance.”

For its part, an Allegiant spokesperson told KTNV that the airline “doesn’t endorse Acres or its product.” Still, the allowance of any airline accepting a cannabis advertisement as part of in-flight entertainment is a major step in the right direction for the Nevada and global cannabis industries’ marketing future.

Considering more and more tourists are coming to Las Vegas, Nevada in search of a literal high, sparking their interest while flying high simply makes sense.

Whether full-fledged billboards, taxi-car ads, or club promotions, Nevada’s cannabis industry will continue to find innovative-yet-compliant ways to spread the word about our rising green tide!

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