Frieday Strain Faceoff: Slymer vs. Shiskaquine!

In one corner, we’ve got one of the hottest Sativas in the country: SLYMER! This “Chernobyl pheno” is a clone-only cross of Train Wreck, Trinity & Jack the Ripper that tastes like a lemon lime slurpee! A perfect weekend smoke for the clubs, Slymer is currently available at Blackjack Collective & BLÜM Las Vegas (Desert Inn).
And in the other corner, our Hybrid challenger, a Matrix exclusive: SHISKAQUINE! This CBD-heavy cross of Shiskaberry x Harlequin tastes like a classic stick of Bubblicious gum. A great daytime smoke for everyday aches and pains Shiskaquine is currently available at Jardin & Essence!

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