Nevada Moves Seed-to-Sale Tracking to Metrc

Compliance is a major key for us and the entire industry in Nevada. Part of that compliance is tracking our grows “from seed to sale” by tagging all our plants.

Since our inception, Matrix and licensed cannabis production facilities used Leaf Data Systems to track our harvests “from seed to sale.” Now, the state will move to the widely-used (see: Colorado) Metrc system to monitor our cultivation and sales.

Companies in Nevada have until November 1 to switch over to Metrc. Until that hard deadline, companies will continue utilizing the Leaf Data system.

The soon-extinct Leaf Data system was part of MJ Freeway, a prominent tracking system within dispensaries that suffered a major hack earlier this year. Forbes indicates that hack may have propelled this change in Nevada compliance:

MJ Freeway was attacked by hackers earlier this year causing the system to go offline and disrupting customer’s businesses. If that wasn’t bad enough, the company’s source code was stolen and posted on Reddit pages in June. MJ Freeway said that the theft did not affect its customer’s information. The state has also had its fair share of data problems when in December, it declared a security breach with in which 11,000 patient files were affected. [Forbes]

While a surprise to us and the industry, we’re excited to onboard with Metrc and continue to comply with Nevada’s incredible cannabis standards!


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