Nevada Gaming Commission Says Casino & Cannabis to Remain Separate

Nevada’s gaming industry and cannabis industry are distinctly separate entities–and the state’s Gaming Commission recently reinforced the separation of Kush and cards.

According to Marijuana Business Daily, marijuana “will have no place in Nevada casinos” for as long as marijuana possession and consumption remain federally illegal. The Gaming Commission purportedly stated that the gaming industry’s reputation “is at stake” so the two vices must remain separate entities.

Moreover, the Commission set forth the following guidelines:

  • Should not maintain business relationships with marijuana companies, including landlord-tenant arrangements.
  • Should be discouraged from hosting shows or conferences that promote the use, sale, cultivation or distribution of marijuana.
  • Should not receive financing from or provide financing to an individual, entity or establishment that sells, cultivates or distributes marijuana. [MJ Biz Daily]

The Commission also stated that spouses of gaming company heads may not “conduct business” with any spouse in the cannabis industry.

There was no progress made regarding guidelines for hotel guests consuming cannabis